On 27th of August 2020 I had the chance to exhibit my paintings at the International ‘Magic Summer’ Festival at Romanian Athenaeum. This exhibition is part of the National Program of Consumers Protection for Art and Culture. The title of the exhibition is ‘o9atitudine’ ( ‘a new attitude’).

The festival called ‘Magic Summer’ was organised by ‘Asociatia Culturala Lanto Magia muzicii’. This festival has a major contribution in promoting cultural events, especially for the younger generation. This festival reunites musician from all over the world.

I feel that my paintings matched perfectly with the atmosphere of the event. Because in my paintings I use bright, vibrant colours and strong brush strokes I feel that they matched beautifully with the musical tones. The colours that I use in my paintings are inspired from the historical centre of my hometown Brasov, Transylvania. In my paintings I am combining abstraction with figurative elements: architectural details with female figures. As part of my research I use my walking journeys around London and also from my hometown Brasov, Romania.

If you would like to find out more about the story behind each painting, you can find it on the website – artworks.

Exhibition poster