This is the interview which I had with ‘Chelsea College of Arts’ during the lockdown. You can also find it on their instagram page.

I am combining abstraction with figurative elements, start from a material element and changing it, taking inspiration from walks, analysing human behaviour, looking at how women were perceived in public spaces centuries ago compared to now. I’m intrigued by ‘the flaneur’ and modern woman. I draw my inspiration from photographs I made of architecture, using acrylic paint and oil pastels, watercolours and cardboard.  ⠀

I am lucky to have space and materials to paint on large scale canvases. I have painted on a broken vase creating different collages, looking to develop and find new ways of using colours and see how they change when I use different surfaces and photograph them, playing with different images and creating digital collages with various colours and the shapes.   ⠀

As much as I enjoy the way the digital work can be made, there is something more intimate and special for me when painting a canvas, an object or sculpting out an idea. I think in the art world there is a place for every medium. I feel that in my practice it’s important to be able to be close to the surface and manipulate the brush strokes and colours in a more direct and imperfect way.   ⠀

I am going to continue with an MA Fine Art, on my practice as an artist, making solo and group exhibitions. I aim to open my own creative business such as hand painting fashion products and creating designs and patterns for clothes and home objects.

I think the most important aspect of being in a creative domain is to be open to try new ideas and be able to listen to what others have to say about your work or about art in general and try and use it in a constructive way. If you know what you like and your path, be confident and don’t abandon that dream.


Sketch – watercolours on paper – experimentation

Sketches – watercolours on paper, A3