A few weeks ago I visited Viscri which is a small, but beautiful village in Romania. It is one of the most visited villages from Romania, because of the traditions and breathtaking surroundings. The most predominant colour of the houses its blue. When I started to walk around I was impressed by the atmosphere and how welcoming the people were.

I also visited the fortified church from the village which was build in the 12th century. I was impressed by its history and how beautiful the village looks from the highest point of the construction.

Viscri Fortified Church

While I was walking towards the church I noticed on the right an old door which had different types of knitted clothes hanged in front of it. I really liked the colours of the clothes, the details and the contrasts between them and the colour of the old house which was blue.

When I got home I knew I am going to do a painting inspired from this image. I used the elements from the photo and  I combined them with my own image of the village. The colours that I used are inspired from the ones that caught my attention the most while visiting Viscri.

‘Blue village’

Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas

30×40 cm

Because I was so impressed by those knitted items and by the colours, I did another painting. The painting is called ‘Viscri’ and it is inspired by the texture of the knitted items.


Acrylic on canvas

100×200 cm

With the painting called ‘Viscri’ I wanted to create a playful artwork which is inspired by elements from reality, but combined with my imagination and feelings. I wanted to create a story through the elements I used (a coat, the knitted textures and the female figures) and to transmit the feelings I had while walking around the village.