I just graduated  from BA (Hons) Fine Art at ‘Chelsea College of Arts’. When the lockdown started in March I came to Romania to be home with my family. The whole program at university changed and I finished the last year of university online. I feel that this period was hard for everyone, but I feel that for art universities was more difficult because studio time and workshops were the key elements of our studies. I was lucky enough to have spaces at home to paint and express myself. I had canvases and colours in Brasov, Romania as well.

At the beginning I was upset because I realised that we are not going to have a normal degree show and graduation. But I knew I have to keep going with my practice and try to get used to another way of studying and making work.

In a way being at home and painting in the same space I was dreaming of becoming an artist when I was younger made me explore new ideas and techniques without being afraid of the outcome. I started to paint on some pieces from a broken vase for example. At the same time I did some works where I played with some shadows.

I also worked for the final project for university. I did a painting which has 200×300 cm and is made from 5 canvases, each of them have different sizes. With this painting called ‘Can women be invisible?’ I explored the position and the role of women in public spaces and how they were perceived centuries ago in comparison to nowadays.

This year the degree show was different. We exhibited our works online on a platform special designed for this. This new way of exhibiting made me think of how art is going to evolve and how is painting going to be seen in a more digitalised world. I think each medium has its place and they all have something special.

Experiment – sketch ( watercolours on paper)

Collage – painting on ceramic pieces ( acrylic on ceramic)

Experimentation – photos projected on painting

Sketch – acrylic and oil pastels on tracing paper

‘Can women be invisible?’

Acrylic and spray paint on canvas

200×300 cm/ 78,8×118 inch