The painting called ‘Pink river’ is one of the largest ones I did till now. I felt the need to paint on a bigger scale and I did not think I would enjoy it as much. The painting has 200×200 cm/ 78,8×78,8 inch. Because of the scale, the way I interacted with the canvas changed and I started to move my body differently while I was painting.The large surface of the canvas gave me the chance to express myself better. Another thing that I really liked about the painting process was the space that was created between me and the canvas, it felt like I was closer to the story I was creating with the paintbrush.

I often like to take my inspiration for my paintings from personal experiences and journeys. For this artwork I was inspired by an image I have taken last year when I visited ‘Kew Gardens’ in London. The whole experience at ‘Kew Gardens’ was really special. It is a beautiful place where you can find something inspiring and worth looking at in every corner.

In this painting I combined different elements from nature. I chose to paint in the lower part of the artwork a more detailed surface and use warm tones. The shapes I painted in the upper part and in the middle are more pictorial, I used strong brush strokes and an accentuated contrast between the elements. I feel that the contrast between the upper part of the painting and the lower one gives the artwork a special balance. Some of the elements I used are inspired from reality, but I combined them with my imagination as well.

‘Pink river’

Acrylic on canvas

200×200 cm/78,8×78,8 inch